Verlassener Hund Wartet Seit Einem Jahrzehnt An Derselben Stelle Auf Seine Besitzer

Verlassener Hund Wartet Seit Einem Jahrzehnt An Derselben Stelle Auf Seine Besitzer

10. Juni 2023 0 Von Causevic

While it’s heartening to read about animals that have been rescued from harm and given new homes, unfortunately, not all animals can be rehabilitated. For instance, dogs who are too old to adapt must cope with their difficult circumstances as they await a return to normalcy.

In the case of a dog named Bokshil, her owner had to relocate and couldn’t take the beloved dog along. Bokshil, being the faithful creature that she was, waited outside her old home for ten long years, hoping her owner would return. According to a YouTube video posted by South Korean station SBS TV, she sadly lost her sight while waiting.

Bokshil refused to leave the area, prompting the neighbors to try to care for her. After repeated attempts to move her failed, they resigned to building a makeshift cage for her on the streets. They provided her with a place to sleep and food, so she could sustain herself.

One neighbor who tried to feed her a peeled boiled egg discovered that Bokshil had no teeth, causing difficulties in eating. This neighbor told SBS TV, „I heard the owner abandoned her, possibly due to a lack of funds for her care. Seeing her now as a grand-old lady, my heart aches for her.“

The video footage shows Bokshil being taken to a veterinary hospital for a check-up. The vet diagnosed her with „senile cataracts,“ which clouded her vision, but found her to be generally healthy otherwise. It’s likely that she trusted any approaching figure as her long-lost owner, making street life feel even worse.

Her story has garnered more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, with many viewers expressing their distress and outrage over her predicament. One commenter mentioned the unparalleled loyalty of dogs, stating they are the only creatures in the world to offer unconditional love and loyalty.

Dogs will devote their entire lives to their owners, serving them faithfully. They are as divine as any God to us. As humans, we often fall short of deserving such unwavering affection. Sometimes, people can be incredibly cruel.

This faithful dog waited for her owner to return until her life ended. Thankfully, she was surrounded by a few kind individuals in her final years.